We offer a wide array of choice Weekly Features of Appetizers & Entrees,

To ensure freshest quality and best flavor, which results in ever changing Menu Choices.

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Out of The Oven


ALL Pizzas are ONE SIZE- 12 inches


Authentic, Italian-style, Hand-stretched, Thin Crust Pizza

All pizza made fresh In-house from Scratch

Our original family dough & sauce recipe,

with imported mozzarella cheese

Cheese Pizza - $10.95

Pizzas are made with our traditional plum tomato pizza sauce or can be made White (Olive oil, Garlic, and Italian Herbs)

Choice of 1 Topping - $12.95 (each additional $1.00)

       Meat                 Import/Specialty             Vegetables
Pepperoni                  Sun Dried Tomato                     Spinach
Meatball                    Artichoke Hearts                           Mushroom     

Ham                           Red Roasted Peppers                  Green Peppers

Sausage                     Prosciutto add+$2                           Black Olives   

Anchovies                                                                               Onions

                                                                                                  Fresh Tomato


Large, crescent-shaped, folded pizza

Stuffed full of meat and/or veggies and mozzeralla cheese

Chicken Parm - $15.95                              
Meatball Parm - $12.95                               
Sausage, Peppers, Onions - $14.95
Broccoli - $12.95
Pepperoni - $12.95                                               

Ham- $12.95

(All Calzones made with Mozzarella, substitute Ricotta add $2.00)

(Side Marinara - $2.00)

* Specialized or Customized options also available, with possible cost adjustment

Also Serving Lunch

We offer a variety of Daily Homemade Soup & Sandwiches Options, with delicious Sub Rolls made fresh in-house. 

Pizza and Calzone Feature of the Week

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Updated menus and Daily options or changes